Our vision

A complete, efficient and lasting management of your information system to allow you to focus on your objectives. Our team works for you on an ongoing basis to manage your main work tool, with a goal to secure your data, to optimize the productivity and to increase the serenity of your team.

Impact on your SME

In a constantly changing environment, the different services for the computer system must work. It must be able to give solution to increase your teams’ efficiency. At Plenium, we offer the availability of our expert team on an ongoing basis on the technologies you use.

Our results?

Significantly reduce the productivity losses due to the computer system

Reducing the risks due to service disruptions, data losses and irruptions

Reduce the stress to final users induced by computer system

The Sustainable IT offer target those problems and gets significant results:
  • A very low average number of breakdown per user: 2,1 per year. With a preventive and predictive management of your servers, workstation and networks, alerts are treated even before outages.
  • A great reactivity and efficiency on incident that resist our predictive approach:
    • Reactivity: immediate take over
    • Efficiency: average delay of resolution lower than 30 minutes (27 minutes in 2020)
  • The insurance of a transparent and predictable budget.

Our ultimate engagement: the very high and stable satisfaction level of our clients about our Sustainable IT computing services: 18,6/20 for year 2021.

Our objective is to help you going further, with an evolutive and lasting vision of your computing system. Our specific timeshare IT manager, or Service Delivery Manager, will advise you on your IT strategy. Among our areas of expertise, we deal with mobility, flexibility, dematerialization of your internal processes and your customer and users loyalty.

The Sustainable IT offer is a balance between expertise and availability which gives us a mission of consultant to our clients, a necessary reactivity in computer services, and a proactivity that allows us to predict incident even before they happen.

Welcome to the Sustainable IT, to strengthen the efficiency of your SME!